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3D Modeling / Texture Artist

2017-02-17 13:14:32 by Witacha

Hello ! I'm new here and pleased to meet you! I will introduce myself;

It's been 3 years that i got into modeling and texturing. 

Why did I start modeling?

I am part of a community called KITO (Keeping Impressive Title Open) , this has been my main inspiration to start making models; This community offer a base game (Which was originaly called Impressive Title but the owner took it down and gave it to two persons who made KITO) and i've been making models, animating, texturing  for these servers.

Right now I'm searching for clients to commission me! 

Software i'm using:

Blender 2.49/2.67/2.76

Paint tool sai


What my skills are:

I can do 3D animals/creatures/anthro, Mi-realistic to Cartoonish

I can do Low poly models and high poly.

I only do 3D model and Texturing, I can rig but i'm not good at animating.

Social Media where you can find all of my creations:



Contact me via Private message here or via my personal email: m.marques560@laposte.net

(Check my profile for pictures of my works)



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